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We are marine underwriters. We write quality marine risks. Although we have no particular restrictions to what class of marine business we are happy to write there are nine main areas we are specializing in, namely:

Marine Hull

and associated interests, including but not limited to loss of hire, disbursements, increased value, war, strikes and piracy.

Marine Construction

where we can write both builders' risks, including all usual extensions, delay in delivery or conversion risks and ship repairers' liability, also known as SRL in the market.


includes specified agreed liabilities for damages that shipowners or operators can be exposed to like - collision liability, wreck removal, liabilities in respect of cargo, pollution and persons.


liability and other products designed for chartering industry, including cargo owners' legal liability (COLL), bunkers, war and strikes covers.


where we are capable of doing hull, third party liability, uninsured boater, fine art, medical expenses and other extra covers required by the clients


insurance and all its various shapes and forms. In addition to loss and damage cover we are offering different classes of delay insurance.


Logistics protection is our branded unique cover specially designed to meet all requirements of companies involved in logistics whether these are ship agents, freight forwarders or truck fleet operators.


Port protection solution is our own designed product to cover either operational or landlord ports against various liabilities, consequential losses, damages to own equipment and business interruption.


Suretyship insurance is convenient solution for Latvian clients whose business is related to excise goods, logistics, transit, warehousing operations.

Coating Guarantee

Coating Guarantee is a joint performance guarantee insurance on all paint, coating and surface protection systems applied on steel, composite or aluminium vessels, yachts, onshore or offshore structures, civil works, piping, bridges and other similar objects.

In any case we will be pleased to design cover in order to meet very specific demand of the clients or their brokers. Just give us a call.

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