Why us?

It is simple,

because we are:

  • Specialists in marine insurance
Our employees have extensive years of experience in marine and transport insurance. We are specializing exclusively on marine and transport insurance that allows us to use our knowledge and experience to offer our customers unique insurance products, as well as effectively and professionally support them in case of claim. 
  • Client driven
All our insurance products are produced in mutual cooperation between our underwriters and clients. Our objective is to create clear and acceptable insurance product both for our clients and ourselves. This allows us to handle claims effectively and quickly.
  • Responsive 
We understand business of our clients. Our main benefit is swift and correct response to any inquiry or question. We look into claims immediately and capable to arranging surveys or necessary assistance with no delay. We maintain emergency telephone line, which is available at any moment our clients need us.

Because we have:

Dedicated team of professional experts
Comprehensive and flexible solutions tailored to meet requirements of each individual customer
Excellent A rated security
Equipped to react promptly in case of claim

Because we focus:

On understanding our client's requirements and creating adequate insurance solutions
On assessing risks and quoting fair insurance premiums
On providing swift and smooth claim handling