Back-to back liability products
Our tailor made liability insurance conditions are designed on the basis of back-to-back liability, i.e. we are insuring liability of our clients in accordance with national laws, international conventions or any contracts or agreements they have with their customers, subject these were seen and approved by us in advance. There are no restrictions on law and practice for such contracts.
Damage to vessels and demurrage
By the nature of terminal operations third party liability cover is including liability for damage to serviced vessels and their crew as well as demurrage resulted from such loss or damage. Other demurrage covers are also available on request.

Fines and duty
We are offering additional cover for liability of our clients for fines and duty in connection to their liability for entrusted merchandise. This cover is available both when our clients are liable to settle fines imposed on their customers and duty imposed directly on our clients by authorities.

Wreck removal and business interruption
Besides various liabilities our offered terms could be extended by wreck removal cover as well as protection against losses and unearned profits caused by business interruption caused by port blockage.
Cover for handling equipment
We are also offering insurance protection for handling and loading equipment of our clients. Cover is available for any type of equipment, including but not limited to cranes, forklifts, liftvans or rolling stock. Insurance conditions are designed individually depending of type of equipment insured.

Any policy can be tailored in order to be the best possible protection for our clients, so please feel free to contact our underwriters for more details or suggestions.

MUS Port Protection Insurance Product Information Document in English 
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