Marine Hull
Hull and machinery with eyes open
There are no restrictions for us in terms of preferred wording of the client or their brokers. Whilst most of the business we write is based on Nordic Marine Insurance Plan we are free to consider participation based on ITC, DTV or other internationally recognized wordings. We do not have appetite for any particular tonnage, it just have to be quality business. We have experience in covering ice breakers and other specialist tonnage, including highly complicated hydrographic or scientific research vessels.
Quality lead services
Whilst we can either be leaders or write a following share after reputable insurer, we can offer quality claims leader services especially for the smaller tonnage sailing Baltic and North sea waters. We have good connections with repair facilities and capable of making prompt and clear claim adjustments. Our excellent A rated security makes it easy for the clients in case of salvage guarantees or LOU requirements.
Loss of hire, interest, war, strikes and piracy
There are various additional covers available in connection to main hull and machinery policy, including, but not limited to
Hull interest insurance covering up to 25% of hull value against actual or constructive total loss of the vessel;
Loss of hire on a fixed and agreed daily basis recoverable whilst vessel is off hire or in repair following damage recoverable under hull and machinery insurance;
War, strikes and piracy insurance covers physical damage to the vessel resulted from piracy, strikers, weapons of war or civil commotions;

Small craft
We are offering one-stop-shop solution for the small craft, where we can write 100% of hull and machinery, loss of hire and limited protection and indemnity, so the owners could enjoy simple but wide solution within a single contract.

Please feel free to contact us for more details.