Whenever you become charterer we can cover that
There are different ways to become a charterer. You may hire the ship for a certain period of time or you enter into contract of carriage to deliver your own goods to their destination. In both cases you become charterer and our insurance solutions are designed to cover your liabilities towards the ship and other third parties. And one should not forget that in this very litigious world you may be hold liable without being liable, so we provide you with defense against unjustified claims too.
COLL cover
Cargo owners are also exposed without being in the shoes of a charterer as their goods could become a cause of loss to other cargo on board or result in pollution or other misfortune during the voyage. We can cover cargo owners' legal liability (COLL) both on a stand alone basis and as a package with cargo insurance cover.

Being a time charterer you are not only responsible for sending the vessel into safe ports, but you are normally buying bunkers for the chartered ship. We can cover bunkers against loss or damage during the course of the time charter.
Freight, Demurrage and Defense
In addition to liability insurance and protection cover can be extended to include legal costs incurred by the Assured in connection with chartered vessel, but not related to their liability as charterers covered under main policy.

We will be please to agree on a tailor made solution depending on the exposure you ma have when entering into charter party contract. Just send it over to us and we will create a cover you require.